Angela McDonnell, PhD
Research Pages

I am an evolutionary biologist and botanist; I really like plants. I grew up in Juneau, WI where I became fascinated by the natural world through gardening, hiking, and foraging. After college, I had a job with a biotech company for a few years before I pursued a PhD in Oklahoma, where I did all kinds of stuff I really wanted to do like sequence DNA, collect plants, travel to new places, and analyze data.


I'm am currently a postdoc with Norm Wickett at the Chicago Botanic Garden where I work on transcriptome and genome assembly in the Hawaiian endemic genus Schiedea. Prior to moving to CBG, I worked with Chris Martine and an amazing group of student researchers on evolutionary study of Australian Solanum and a handful of other plant groups including Erigenia and Baptisia.


In my free time, I hang out with my family (Kevin, Ash, Jonas, and Mattie). I enjoy hiking, cooking, reading, gardening, making jewelry, painting, and traveling.

I am fairly active (professionally) on Twitter. Check out my feed below and follow me there @angelajmcd