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Hi! I'm Angela, an evolutionary biologist and botanist. I really like plants. I grew up in Juneau, WI where I became fascinated by the natural world through gardening, hiking, and foraging. After college, I had a job with a biotech company for a few years before I pursued a PhD in Oklahoma, where I did all kinds of stuff I really wanted to do like sequence DNA, collect plants, travel to new places, and analyze data. After grad school, I did postdoctoral appointments with Norm Wickett at the Chicago Botanic Garden where I worked on transcriptome and genome assembly in the Hawaiian endemic genus Schiedea as well as with Chris Martine at Bucknell University on the evolution of Australian Solanum and a rare plants in PA. In my free time, I hang out with my family (Kevin, Ash, and Jonas). I enjoy hiking, cooking, reading, gardening, making jewelry, painting, watching The Office, and traveling.

As of Fall 2022, I will be an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at St Cloud State University in St Cloud, MN. This site is currently being reworked to become a lab website; I am thrilled to be able to teach botany courses, mentor biology undergraduate and masters students, direct the herbarium, and manage the teaching and research greenhouses. Content on this site is in the process of being updated and added. If you are a student on the hunt for research experience and/or a master's program, please reach out!